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You are here: Opportunities : Affiliate Opportunities Last Updated: Mar 19, 2007 - 7:54:17 PM

Affiliate Opportunities
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Generate HUGE monthly commission checks of up to $500-$5,000+ -- just by sending visitors to our web site!

Today we live at the speed of light, days, weeks and years go by and all of sudden we realize we are not ready for retirement, major disease, death or any kind of financial setbacks! What happens next? According to our very own Stats Canada, 7 out of 10 Canadians will rely on government assistance and will have to work to survive their retirements. Sad but true, so what is your plan? How will you be different?

Which way will you go? Well it will depend if you are sick and tired enough of seeing every body else making more money than you are with your own money! All of the financial institutions surrounding us are doing it to you; they are making BILLIONS in profits while youíre making meager profits!

In todayís markets most people donít want to take care of their money and prefer to have it squandered by the financial institutions! Our alternative: Real
Estate! Pure and simple Real Estate has stood the test of time, creating more wealth than any other industry through time. Why Real Estate? Everybody needs it! Will your bank manager lend you $200,000 dollars for stock, mutual funds and bonds? Of course not, however will your bank manager lend you $200,000 dollars for real estate? Of course, why because the property becomes a hard asset in guarantee. The bank is protected and has an exit strategy if things go wrong.

What we do is maximize your ability to dramatically increase your wealth through our bulk purchase of real estate for you the investor. This leading edge approach enables you to acquire specific lucrative real estate assets and reach financial independence for you and your families a lot faster. We invite you to join our affiliate program and increase the wealth and the quality of life of your co-workers, friends and loved ones!

Our Approach is simple yet very effective! We study each of our properties very carefully. We offer our investors clientsí high-yield revenue properties that hold great potential for growth up to 90%. We cultivate values based on the principles of integrity, transparency, and objectivity. Our educational based approach takes human objectives into account. The acquisition of properties with high yield allows us to increase our level of financial independence, thus allowing a better quality of life. We believe that true wealth is not calculated in terms of money but in time. Rich is the one who has time for himself, for his children, for the people he loves, and the activities he enjoys. At Tulsiani Investments, the realization of your lifeís objectives is one of our most important goals!

Take action now and join our team of dedicated affiliates! As an affiliate you can create and impact otherís lives as well as yours. By sharing you create wealth for others and yourself. Itís the "Law of reciprocation" where you are rewarded mentally, emotionally and financially in return. We have an exciting compensation program for you to enjoy!

The Benefits of our Program

In taking action now and joining our growing team you share in these benefits:

  • Potential to earn $150,000 !
  • Get paid to help transform peopleís lives,
  •  Access a growing array of support tools,
  •  Your referrals could earn you residual income for years!

How does it all work?

You simply introduce and share Tulsiani Investments opportunities with others; when these people choose to invest in real estate with us, we will send you a check as a cash referral fee from $500 to $5,000 depending on our projects!

Take Action Now And Begin Earning Extra Income Now!! Click here to sign up for our affiliate program now!

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