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You are here: Opportunities : Investment Opportunities Last Updated: Oct 12, 2007 - 7:56:58 PM

Investment Opportunities
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As an investor with Tulsiani Investments, you receive a pre-set return on your investment. Returns normally range from 10-15% (annualized). These can be increased in certain circumstances.

Unlike many standard investments, you have the power to select the specific project you invest in. Detailed proposals are presented to potential investors and they select the project that best suits their needs.

Investors not only get to choose where their money goes AND receive excellent returns, but their investment can also be secured by the property! How does this work? The investment can be registered on title as a mortgage. This means that the property cannot be sold without you getting paid back. As well, if you were not receiving payments on time, you would have the option to foreclose. Wouldn’t it be nice if your other investments (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) had an avenue for you to recover your investment if it wasn’t performing as well as you expected?

The investments that Tulsiani Investments participates in fall into two generic categories:

  1. Short Term Projects
  2. Long Term Projects


Project Description: Short-term projects are those in which we have the intent to sell the property in a short time frame. We make our profit by adding value or buying at a good price. Some examples may include properties in need of renovations, foreclosures, or new construction.

Length of Term: Generally 4-6 months

Investor Returns: Normally 12%-15% (annualized).

Payments: The investor receives a lump sum payment at the end of the project

Minimum Requirement: $10,000. 


Project Description: Long-term projects are those in which Tulsiani Investments acquires multi-unit rental properties or rent to own properties for long-term holdings. The properties we pursue will posses one or more of the following qualities: a high positive cash flow, a sizeable amount of equity, the potential to add equity through renovations or optimizing revenues, or are located in cities where real estate is expected to appreciate substantially.

Length of Term: Generally 3-5 years

Investor Returns: 10%-12% (annualized). 

Payments: Tulsiani Investments either makes regular payments or balloon payments into your bank account. The specific project will dictate the optimum choice.

Minimum Requirement: $10,000. 

Sources of Funds: Some options an investor can use for sources of funds are:

  1. Savings  
  2. Line of credit or loan 
  3.  RRSP’s*

* Yes, RRSP’s can legitimately be invested in real estate!
Investing in mortgages on real property constitutes a qualified investment vehicle for your RRSP’s according to Canada Revenue Agency.

With RRSP mortgage investing, instead of investing your RRSP’s in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc. you invest your RRSP’s in a specific piece of real estate. Your profits are consistent and predictable and are not subject to the volatility of the market. Consistently earning 10% returns on your retirement savings sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Who is eligible for RRSP mortgages?

  • Current RRSP account holders 
  • New RRSP account holders 
  • Investors with un-used RRSP contribution room 
  •  The investor must be at "arms length" from the borrower. (This is to satisfy the requirements of the Income Tax Act.)

If you are interested in obtaining more information, we have a detailed investment package that we review with potential investors.

* RRSP mortgages are arranged through a licensed mortgage broker.

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