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You are here: Opportunities : Partnership Opportunities Last Updated: Oct 12, 2007 - 8:00:40 PM

Partnership Opportunities
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Tulsiani Investments brings on partners for the acquisition of rental property. As a partner, you are entitled to 50% of the cash flow, 50% of equity appreciation, and you may receive some tax benefits - while we do all the work! When a property is sold, the joint venture partner is paid back their initial investment first, then the profits are split 50% - 50%.  

Project Description:

Partners are utilized for the acquisition of quality multi-unit rental properties for long-term holdings. The properties we pursue will posses one or more of the following qualities: a high positive cash flow, a sizeable amount of equity, the potential to add equity through renovations or optimizing revenues, or are located in cities where real estate is expected to appreciate substantially.


Tulsiani Investments

  •  Real estate experience
  •  Real estate knowledge
  •  Real estate contacts
  •  Line up investors
  •  Research the areas to invest in
  •  Analyze profit potential
  •  Perform due diligence
  •  View properties
  •  Write offers
  •  Negotiate terms of the offer
  •  Set up legal structure
  •  Work with lending institutions
  •  Adjust rents accordingly
  •  Suggest exit strategies
  •  Recommend capital improvement

You (the Partner)

  •  Work with us at the beginning to complete the necessary paperwork
  • Provide investment funds to become a partner

Length of Term: The two parties will determine the best choice for the specific situation.

Investor Returns: We cannot forecast an exact rate of return for a partnership since property values do not increase in a perfectly linear fashion. Rates of return will therefore vary from year to year. We will however, try to estimate your rate of return on the investment based on the best available data at the time.

Returns will generally be in excess of 20% ROI with the possibility of going higher. 

Payments: The two parties will determine the best choice for the specific situation.

Minimum Requirement: $20,000. 

Sources of Funds: Some options a partner can use for sources of funds are:

  1. Savings 
  2.  Line of credit or loan

Next Step: If you are interested in obtaining more information, we have a detailed investment package that we review with potential partners.

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