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Canadian Real Estate Resource Directory
What's New


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Real Estate Market Due for a Correction?
There is a lot of speculation and fear about the bubble in the marketplace. While bubble concerns are visible in some marketplaces in the US and perhaps Vancouver, is there a cause for concern for the rest of Canada?

The Upcoming Financial Security Crisis
In a previous article titled “Reasons Not To Invest In Real Estate”, we mentioned that corporate pensions are seriously under-funded. In this article, I will point out how big business and the government have responded to this quiet crisis.


Free Books

Secrets to Real Estate Millions
Discover how to make millions buying homes without credit and with little or no money down.

Learn how to:
- Break Through the Psychological Roadblocks to Success
- How to Generate 3 Pay Days Using Lease Purchase Options
- Buy Low - Sell High: "Flipping" Properties for Profit
- Buy and Hold Strategy
- Finding Private Money for Your Investing
- Buy Property with Bad or No Credit
- and more...

Professional Trade Secrets Explained! by Ron LeGrand

Ron Legrand has made many thousands of Millionaires all over the world by teaching these same techniques. Here is your opportunity to learn from the guru of gurus the secrets of real estate investing. Many investors have paid alot of money to learn these same secrets.

- How to Improve Your Closing Ratio
- How to Get out of your comfort zone
- How to Sell Houses Fast
- Dispelling Common Myths That Hold You Back
- Magic Words That Make Millions


Forms & Tools

Canadian Real Estate Resource Directory
The original and most comprehensive resource directory for investors. Published by Tulsiani Investments.

Renovation Estimate Calculator
The most common mistake new renovators make is underestimate the expenses. Use this tool to ensure you factor in all costs.


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